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Worried that your home renovation will drain you of your energy and money? There is no need to worry and feel stressed. Give us a call and let’s have a talk about your electrical services requirements. Having well-thought electrical plans for your home wiring, lighting, and power will accelerate and simplify the process of home renovation.

Our home renovation electrical services include:

Wiring Newly Renovated Areas

By working with a licensed electrician, you will find out the amount of power you need in the room and obtain a reliable electrical system. No more extension cords to be able to plug in all your appliances and devices!

Wiring For Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, And Ventilation Systems

A professional will help you save time and money while also making sure your home systems function optimally.

Assisting With The Installation Of Security, Alarms, And CCTV

Keep your home safe from intruders without the unpleasant sight of electrical wires.

Planning For Home Theatres And Other Entertainment Systems

How much power does a home theatre system use? We can answer that and many other questions – just tell us how and where you’d like to watch your movies!

Designing Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Electrical outlets installed outdoors are some of the most popular electrical extension services.

Replacing Outdated Outlets

Reasons to replace old outlets are related to safety, aesthetics, and being able to keep up with your current demand.

Installing Charging Stations

Have all your devices charging efficiently in one area instead of keeping other outlets around the house occupied.

Completing Electrical Panel Updates

Update your electrical panel immediately if you are dealing with electrical shocks, sparks, burning odours, and lights that dim when you turn on other appliances.

Installing Surge Protectors

Surge protection will prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment and protect your assets.

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