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OLZ Electrical New Builds is one of the services we take the most pride in. We are here to assist you in the exciting journey of building a new home and we make sure the final result meets current electrical requirements.

Many new homeowners pay attention to design and budget management and tend to overlook other vital areas, such as electrics. Making the right decisions comes with benefits such as comfort, convenience, and safety. OLZ Electrical offers professional New Build electrical services, including:

Planning The Location Of Outlets

Planning carefully with help from an experienced electrician will enable you to place electrical equipment where you need it.

Understanding The Wiring System

We make sure the electrical services we provide are sufficient to meet the demands of your household, based on its size and the number of people living there. Also, we will help you plan your phone lines, cable and Internet wires pre-build so they are not visible and become an eye-sore in your new home.

Planning For Extra Power

An advanced wiring system may be required for home-based offices and entertainment systems.

Implementing Home Energy Management Systems

Aside from saving money, a good control system will also allow you to remotely control various electrical functions in your home, even when you are not physically there.

Customised Lighting Switches

From USB charging ports installed into the wall to LED-based control panels instead of standard switches, we can find the most creative solutions to take your home out of the boring zone.

Planning Your Backyard

At your request we can add extra outdoor outlets for any appliance you may want to use in your yard, such as holiday lighting.

Safety First

New build electrical services offer you the great opportunity of enjoying the latest safety standards in your home. We will look at areas such as extra planning for rooms that have water lines, child-safety features, and installing security CCTV systems.

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